Top Benefits of Taking Medical Accounts Receivable Solutions from

Physicians Revenue Experts

Error-Free Assurance

With meticulous quality control and a dedicated team of inspectors, we ensure flawless and comprehensive work for you. Our third-party verified error rate is less than 0.01%.

Precision and Efficiency

Save capital for expanding your practice with our highly trained professional teams. We consistently save our clients 40% or more through our accurate and efficient services.

Data Security Guarantee

Rest assured knowing your data is safe with us. With multiple redundancies in place, we’ve never lost data due to power outages, system failures, or breaches, ensuring unparalleled security.

Tailored Scalability

Adaptability is key. Our services are fully scalable, matching your needs whether it’s during peak seasons or slow periods, alleviating any operational burdens.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Experience the best work at the best price in the industry with Physicians Revenue Experts. We customize dedicated teams to provide exactly what you need, optimizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

HIPAA Compliance Commitment

Meeting or exceeding industry standards is our priority. Physicians Revenue Experts boasts a flawless record of HIPAA compliance, ensuring the utmost security and confidentiality.

Swift Turnaround Time

Experience lightning-fast data processing with our global reach. From input to retrieval, our rapid turnaround time will exceed your expectations, delivering results overnight.

24/7 Support Accessibility

Reach out to us anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s a rush job or assistance with unfamiliar tasks, our dedicated support team is available round-the-clock via call, text, or email.

Industry Expertise

Keep track of insurance requirements confidently with Physicians Revenue Experts. Our commitment to staying abreast of industry changes ensures seamless operations for your practice, clinic, or hospital.

HIPAA Compliance Assurance

At Physicians Revenue Experts, we begin with our healthcare AR management services post-signing the HIPAA agreement. Your patient-related data remains secure and safeguarded against third-party disclosure.

ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS-Certified Services

Our ISO/IEC certifications reinforce our commitment to data security, ensuring the protection of your valuable information.

Timely Resolution of Pending Claims

Partnering with us for healthcare accounts receivables services accelerates the recovery of delayed payments, bolstering the robustness of your cash flow.

Adherence to AMA and CMS Standards

Benefit from the expertise of our AAPC-certified medical coders, proficient in diagnostic and procedural coding. With extensive experience in CPT, HCPCS, and ICD coding, rest assured your coding services align with AMA and CMS guidelines.

Specialized Expertise

Physicians Revenue Experts delivers customized receivable solutions for healthcare providers, equipped with the necessary skills and expertise to meet client requirements swiftly.

Up-to-date Infrastructure

Access our state-of-the-art office spaces, advanced tools, and uninterrupted network connections, ensuring top-notch solutions for our healthcare clientele.

Streamline Compliance

Enhance coding precision amidst evolving regulations and mitigate compliance risks associated with intricate payer contracts using Physicians Revenue Experts’ hospital accounts receivable solution.

Boost Hospital Revenue

Leverage Physicians Revenue Experts’ hospital accounts receivable software to optimize collections, particularly for self-payments affected by high deductible health plans. Maximize revenue and streamline patient collections to maintain financial performance standards.

Efficient Insurance Follow-Up Services

At Physicians Revenue Experts, we employ multiple contact channels—website, fax, IVR, and phone—to accurately track the status of claims with insurance companies. We collaborate with provider clients to enhance website adoption for streamlined communication.

Customized A/R Follow-Up Procedures

Our policies and procedures include monitoring A/R aging buckets and understanding payer response timelines. We strategically initiate follow-up calls post-claim submission, optimizing effort and minimizing wastage.

Streamlined Automation Solutions

Utilizing practical tools, we automate login processes, query generation, and information retrieval from payer websites, ensuring swift access to claim statuses.

Comprehensive Action Plans

Beyond claim status updates, we proactively execute actions such as claim refiling and appeals to secure reimbursements. Our analytics focus on reducing A/R days, and enhancing financial outcomes for our clients.

Accounts Receivable Solutions

Services We Offer

Optimized DenialManagement Solutions

At Physicians Revenue Experts, we possess in-depth knowledge of coding procedures. However, claim denials stemming from patient misinformation necessitate immediate action. We promptly rectify such issues by providing corrected information to the insurance provider, ensuring seamless payment processing.

Efficient Accounts Receivable Tracking

We believe in proactive management! Our process initiates with claim processing and patient co-pay billing, aiming for completion within 30 days. Any delays are promptly identified and prioritized for swift resolution.

Dedicated Account Receivables Follow-up

Our proficient A/R team remains vigilant until bills are settled. With a proven track record of efficiency, Physicians Revenue Experts ensures transparent communication with both insurers and patients, facilitating smooth resolution.

Streamlined Order Management

Benefit from comprehensive reporting, including detailed insurance aging analysis. This equips your practice with a holistic view of its financial health and ensures a clear timeline of accounts receivable settlement and claim collection cycles.

Prompt Customer Billing

From initial billing to insurance coding and claim notification, our commitment remains fixed: Get Paid! Expect swift billing completion within 24 hours of providing the necessary information, ensuring prompt revenue generation.

Streamlined Accounts Receivable Follow-up

Partnering with Physicians Revenue Experts grants you access to a dedicated team committed to A/R follow-ups, significantly reducing your outstanding A/R. We meticulously track unsettled or delayed accounts, taking appropriate actions to secure prompt payment.

Comprehensive Medical Billing Solutions

Our medical accounts receivable management services aim to boost cash flow into your healthcare facilities while minimizing collection periods and associated costs.

Strategic Bad Debt Analysis

Benefit from our analytical approach to efficiently collect receivables, identifying and eliminating bad debt without burdening patients.

Efficient Credit Balance Management

Collaborate with us to maximize identification and recovery efforts for your facility’s overpaid claims from healthcare payers.

Streamlined Insurance Verification

Ensure a healthy cash flow and minimize denied claims by outsourcing healthcare accounts receivable services to us, where we verify patient insurance coverage and benefits.

Seamless Accounts Receivable Conversion

Leverage our industry experience to smoothly manage system migrations and practice integrations, resolving healthcare accounts receivables with ease.

Comprehensive Accounts Receivable Analysis

Gain insights into your medical facility’s cash flow challenges and unresolved claims with our 360-degree accounts receivable analysis solution, preventing bad debts and ensuring swift payment collections.

Efficient AR Calling Services

Our AR calling services cater to hospitals, doctors, and diagnostic institutes, efficiently monitoring unpaid insurance claims, handling patient collectibles, and generating accurate AR reports.

Our Approach to Deliver

Accounts Receivable Solutions

Status Tracking

Our adept team diligently follows up with insurance companies to track the status of delayed and unsettled claims, ensuring timely updates.

Denial Issue Identification

We meticulously identify denied claims, ascertain reasons behind denials, and liaise with insurers to address any additional information required for swift resolution.

Claim Refiling

Upon identifying denial issues, our proactive approach involves promptly refiling corrected claims with insurers, accompanied by a comprehensive follow-up strategy.

Claim Resolution

We consistently monitor claim statuses with insurers, conducting prompt follow-ups to expedite the resolution process, ensuring efficient and timely claims resolution.

Why Choose Us?

Efficient Claims Processing Solutions

At Physicians Revenue Experts, our robust process serves as the cornerstone of our company, driving both our success and enhancing returns for our clients. We’ve meticulously developed and refined processes and guidelines to optimize efficiency.

Expert Insurance Handling

With nationwide client coverage, our team is proficient in managing various claims efficiently. Your dedicated Accounts Receivable Manager undergoes rigorous training, ensuring mastery of Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance claim procedures in your region.

Staff Training Focus

Recognizing patient care as the top priority, Physicians Revenue Experts diligently trains your staff to streamline data collection processes. Our tailored training equips your team with the necessary skills to focus on patient care rather than documentation.

Secure Data Transmission

Compliance and security are paramount in information exchange. Rest assured, we employ secure methods for sending and receiving data and files through encrypted email and FTP.

EMR Software Integration

Partnering with Practice Express as our primary billing system, integrated with Success EHS electronic medical records, ensures seamless operations. Alternatively, we adapt to various platforms, including MediTech, Advanced MD, Allscripts, Centricity, eClinicalWorks, RevolutionEHR, and more. Our goal is to foster an expert billing relationship and enhance your processes.

Smooth Transition Assistance

Physicians Revenue Experts boasts a highly skilled team of implementation specialists dedicated to facilitating a smooth and swift transition from your current billing vendor.

Optimizing First Pass Rate

Providers must ensure accurate patient information and precise claim submission on the initial attempt. Achieving a first pass rate of 95% or higher ensures timely and precise reimbursements. Effective revenue cycle management begins with meticulous patient scheduling and registration, laying the foundation for efficient billing and collection processes.

Efficient Accounts Receivable Tracking

Regular monitoring of accounts receivables (AR), categorizing them into aging buckets, and closely overseeing the 90+ bucket is critical. By analyzing AR trends over time, providers can detect potential issues early and identify opportunities for streamlined reimbursement closure. Determining average AR days and cycles is pivotal during AR tracking.

Timely Resolution of Denials and Rejections

Addressing and promptly resubmitting denials and rejections is paramount. Resubmissions should occur after understanding the reasons behind denials or rejections, taking necessary steps to gather missing information or documentation, and adhering to required timelines.

Outsourcing AR Collection Process to Physicians Revenue Experts

For healthcare providers encountering challenges in recovering outstanding AR and lacking the administrative capacity for AR processes, outsourcing to Physicians Revenue Experts offers a solution. Leveraging our expertise and data analysis skills, we identify reimbursement issues accurately and provide effective solutions.


Accounts Receivable Services

Accurate management of healthcare accounts receivables entails handling various reports related to collection analysis, insurance, write-offs, bad debts, reviews, and ratio analysis. Analyzing insurance contracts to ensure adequate reimbursement further adds to the complexity. Entrusting these tasks to a proficient medical accounts receivable management company can significantly impact your business’s success.

Physicians Revenue Experts stands as a premier provider of medical accounts receivable services and a range of other healthcare BPO solutions worldwide. Our team comprises highly skilled and experienced medical professionals adept in navigating the complexities of the healthcare industry, capable of addressing all your requirements effectively.

By choosing to outsource your healthcare accounts receivable to us, you can:

1. Reduce A/R follow-up costs.
2. Enhance cash flow.
3. Gain precise insights into billing operations.
4. Identify and address pain points contributing to delayed payments.

If you seek a dependable, cost-effective, and error-free accounts receivable service provider, Physicians Revenue Experts is your ideal partner!

Accounts Receivable (AR) in healthcare refers to pending dues owed to healthcare providers by payers and patients, representing credits for services rendered.

AR calling entails our representatives contacting insurers and patients to collect statements on outstanding claims, facilitating follow-ups to enhance AR management.

Physicians Revenue Experts provides a range of services beyond AR management, including denial management, eligibility verification, claims processing, Medicare reimbursement, AR analysis, and more.

Yes, we focus on reducing AR days through insights capture, AR analysis, claim denial management, and error elimination, resulting in higher collections in less time.

We handle accounts receivable by creating a patient eligibility check process, conducting documentation, claim reviews for regulatory compliance, and meticulous billing oversight.

Absolutely. We strictly adhere to HIPAA compliance standards and utilize robust security measures such as VPN setups, secure tunnels, encryption, and firewalls to safeguard your data.

Simply reach out to us with your project needs, and our team will customize services tailored to your requirements, initiating AR management within weeks.

Yes, our infrastructure is equipped with proprietary billing software and AR management tools to handle operational demands effectively.

We stand out for our expertise in medical billing, dedication to HIPAA compliance, flexible payment options, and commitment to efficient revenue capture through AR management.


Our Solutions

Medical Coding

Ensuring precise medical coding practices for error-free claims, optimizing reimbursement processes, and reducing denials.

Claims Management

Mastery in managing claims intricacies, smoothly guiding submissions for approval, minimizing bottlenecks, and optimizing revenue streams for financial success.

Credentialing Services

Effortlessly navigate insurance network enrollment, expanding patient base, and broadening service offerings with seamless precision.

Medical Billing

Empowering healthcare providers with seamlessly integrated billing solutions, meticulously crafted to streamline invoicing processes and maximize reimbursement accuracy.

Consultative Guidance

Customized consultations and specialized guidance to navigate the complexities of medical billing, ensuring personalized support.

Compliance Assurance

Adherence to healthcare regulations and industry standards, maintaining ethical conduct and compliant billing practices to uphold integrity and foster trust.



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